Ambitious Brands experience accountability issues on cross-media investment. These issues impact the actual brand and sales performance.

That’s why leading brands need to find solutions to tackle the disturbing impact of media fragmentation, consumer digitalization, GDPR, online media fraud (ANA papers), lack of media integration and KPI-setting into their business model today.

MeMo² delivers integrated clarity on the joint effect of crossmedia investment. It also uses collected data and information to manage, lead and guide into future performance improvement.


Successful brands need fast and independent validation and verification on actual performance levels of their media and marketing investment – and in doing so, have the right decisions in place to improve productivity and ROI.

Innovative data-science and crossmedia tracking solutions, as well as strategic consulting and technologies, keep ambitious brands on track.

The story of MeMo²

As a student the founder of MeMo² won the annual Marketing price on Media Measurement. Later on, when working as a young ERP consultant for Accenture, he noticed the accepted ‘black box’ when it came to Media and Marketing spend. Upon entering the digital media business, he noticed two things:

1) online metrics were very unreliable
2) online and offline media were considered as separate silo’s.

It puzzled the founder: why did Advertisers accept black-boxes, fuzzy metrics and lack on reliable effect optimization when it comes to their top 3 investments?

The focus on improving integrated cross media transparency started in 2004. A young team of talented researchers and data scientists started their work from an office situated in a small church in Amsterdam. This same ambition still fuels the leading Tracking business of MeMo² almost 15 years later. Now, we are delivering our measurement solutions at a global scale.

House of Measurement and Data Science Centre

MeMo² created the House of Measurement and Data-Science Centre.

The House of Measurement is a one-stop shop for ambitious brands. It houses business and education in the field of media marketing measurement and strategy. HOME is dedicated to support large and ambitious brands in complex media, marketing and business by bringing together specialists in programmatic platforms, cross media brand and performance tracking, performance modelling, data science, business intelligence and cross-device analytics. Offering workshops and inspiration sessions.

The Data Science Centre is founded to transform data to ‘winning’ insights.

Awards and Accreditations

MeMo² has a long track record of excellence within communication research and analytics commmunity.
Most recently MeMo² won 4 IAB Europe Research Awards, of which, the annual and exclusive Grand Prix for Communication Research Excellence.


  • Media Research Innovation of the Year (MOA/Esomar), 2010
  • Research Agency of the Year (MOA/Esomar), 2012
  • Media Innovator of the Year (AMMA), 2014
  • Master of Research and Insight Project, AI application (AMMA), 2018
  • Top3 Best Media and Marketing Consultancy Agency (EMERCE100) 2012-2019
  • Research and Data Innovation, (IAB Research Awards), 2019
  • Brand Advertising Effectiveness, (IAB Research Awards), 2019
  • Best use of Research Budget, (IAB Research Awards), 2019
  • Grand Prix for Research Excellence, (IAB Research Award), 2019


MeMo² is internationally known for inventions and innovations within the domain of effect measurement and consumer behavior validation. Some of these innovations are:

  • Online Tracking using pixels (2006)
  • TV Tracking using Contact Estimation methodologies (2007)
  • Online Measurement Platform (2008)
  • Outdoor Tracking using Location (2009)
  • Online Audience Measurement platform (2012)
  • In-app Tracking using ID’s (2015)
  • AI based performance forecasting (2016)
  • AI based outdoor effect forecasting (2018)
  • Crossmedia Behavioral Measurement, THX (2019)
  • Crossmedia Measurement Platform, X-Ray (2019)