MeMo² is the international leader in advanced cross media research and analytics. We work with the top 250 brands. Our analytics, communication research and innovative data science capabilities are designed to bring immediate transparency and control to improve ROI and ROAS levels. Our teams of specialists will run measurement and improvement projects and programs.

Integrated Cross media measurement and validation.

The quest for improving media and marketing productivity comes in different shapes and sizes, and is dependent on the industry, intensity of competition, the companies’ own capabilities, culture and perceived need to grow the business.

But what all brands have in common is their reliance and need for integrated measurement and validation on the productivity of cross-device and cross-media investment.

MeMo² enables brands control through integrated and actionable cross-device and cross media measurement, validation and verification. Our methodologies, technologies, products and capabilities are being considered leading.

100% Focus on Crossmedia accountability & Brand growth.

With a clear focus and a unique portfolio of innovative and advanced cross media analytics, MeMo² is positioned well to provide your brand with actionable tooling, insights and consulting to optimize marketing and media effectiveness while turning them into corporate assets like brand strength and sustainable performance growth.


The House of Measurement is a one-stop shop dedicated to support ambitious brands with complex media, marketing and business issues. The House of Measurement offers validated solutions like the programmatic modeling platform (FLOW), crossmedia brand and performance tracking, AI driven performance modeling and crossmedia analytics (THX).

The Data Science Centre is founded to offer the right GDPR compliant infrastructure for all our analytics, business intelligence and data-science. It also runs the Data and Enlightenment Exchange Platform (DEEP) to offer a safe and secure platform to exchange information.


MeMo² has a long track record of excellence within the international communication research and cross media analytics community.

  • AWARDS (17)

  • MOA/Esomar – Award Best Research Innovation.
  • MOA/Esomar – Award Best Research Agency.
  • Annual Master of Media (AMMA) – Best Media Innovation.
  • Annual Master of Media (AMMA) – Best Media Research.
  • Annual Master of Media (AMMA) 2018 – Best Media Research (Application of AI).
  • IAB Europe Research Awards 2019 – Best Research and Data Innovation.
  • IAB Europe Research Awards 2019 – Best Use of Research Budget.
  • IAB Europe Highly recommended – Brand Research on Effectiveness.
  • IAB Europe Research Awards 2019 – Grand Prix for Research Excellence.
  • MOA/Esomar – Marketing and Communication Research Agency of the Year 2019.
  • IAB Europe Research Awards 2020 – Crossmedia Measurement.
  • IAB Europe Research Awards 2020 – Audience Measurement.
  • IAB Europe Research Awards 2020 – Best use of Research Budget.
  • IAB Europe Research Awards 2020 – Research Innovation.
  • IAB Europe Research Awards 2020 – Data Effectiveness.
  • Crossmedia Awards 2020 – Best Crossmedia Innovation.
  • Annual Master of Media (AMMA) 2020 – Best Media Research.

MeMo² is internationally known for smart innovations within the domain of effect measurement and consumer behavior validation. Some of these innovations are:

  • Online Tracking using pixels (2006)
  • TV Tracking using Contact Estimation methodologies (2007)
  • Online Measurement Platform (2008)
  • Outdoor Tracking using Location (2009)
  • Online Audience Measurement platform (2012)
  • In-app Tracking using ID’s (2015)
  • AI based performance forecasting (2016)
  • AI based outdoor effect forecasting (2018)
  • Crossmedia Measurement Platform, THX (2019)
  • Automated People-Centric AI Media mix and Performance models, FLOW (2020)
  • Data and enlightenment exchange platform, DEEP (2020)