MeMo² launches THX. in Belgium

By Christian Manuputty 26th January 2021

MeMo² launches its own platform THX. in Belgium after a successful introduction in the Dutch market with 1.300 tracked campaigns in 2020. Marcel Vogels, founder of MeMo², says: ‘In the Netherlands, many large advertisers focus on the Benelux instead of only the Netherlands. Several brands wanted us to include Belgium in THX. and we did.’

MeMo² expects that the adoption of the cross media measurement platform THX. in Belgium will develop similarly as in the Netherlands. Not only do more and more brands want to be able to control the success of cross media advertising and marketing, Covid-19 also ensures that cross media transparency must be delivered digitally and on a daily base as much as possible.

In terms of functionality, the THX. Platform in Belgium will be identical to that of the Netherlands. The THX. Audience in Belgium will also be a correct representation of the Belgian population. This can be provided due to a partnership with three well-known panel parties in Belgium.

In addition to supporting brands from the Netherlands, MeMo² will also seek partnerships with Belgian brands, media operators and media agencies. Currently, the THX. Platform is looking for further development and rollout towards other countries.

More info? You can reach out to Marcel Vogels ( or visit (B2B) or (B2C).