Case: Albert Heijn Media Services as brand builder or conversion generator?

By Christian Manuputty 2nd June 2020

It is often too black and white. TV is committed to brand awareness and store communication ensures conversion. But is that really the case? MeMo² and Publicis Group investigated the role of a classic media campaign and the addition of Albert Heijn as a media channel within Duracell’s customer journey – both on brand and by sales.

Deli Bom, Strategy & Commerce Consultant Publicis Groupe: ‘We advise our FMCG brands withing the changing commerce landscape. The role of physical stores is changing day by day – certainly nowadays. In the past, shops only functioned as a place to buy, but that is no longer the case. Nowadays, store communication plays a fully-fledged role within the total media mix.’

The 6-week Duracell campaign “Maak je cadeau compleet met Duracell” has been activated on TV, in Out of Home and via Albert Heijn Media Services (through retail media efforts on digital outdoor screens and store communication).

Coen Kempen, Research Director MeMo²: ‘The addition of Albert Heijn Media Services and the measurement of both brand and sales objectives in one research is what makes this cross-media research so unique. In this way, we can provide an answer to the question of where advertisers should invest their media budget in order to build the brand and boost sales.’

Retail media adds unique reach

Within the battery product category, where Duracell’s brand awareness is already high, TV still proves to be crucial in order to increase the spontaneous brand awareness of the brand. It is striking that Albert Heijn adds a relative large amount of unique reach to the classic media channels: 38% of the Albert Heijn Media Services reach among Shoppers 18+ was incremental. The Albert Heijn shopping environment therefore seems to be able to absorb the declining TV trend well. Regarding ad awareness, retail media are the biggest contributors next to TV.

Due to the collaboration of TV and Albert Heijn, the intention to buy Duracell batteries in the short term has increased significantly by 34% among shoppers 18+. This is interesting because batteries are an impulse product. Only 9% of the shoppers put batteries on their shopping list. MeMo²’s THX. Platform was used in this study to validate strategic insights regarding the consumer journey of AH visitors.

When the actual cash data is studied, it becomes clear that in the short term 14% of the total Duracell sales can be directly attributed to the marketing activities within the Albert Heijn environment: 12% to the store communication and 2% to the digital outdoor screens.

Joep Smeets, Director Insights & Analytics AH Media Services: ´The results clearly show that we are not only relevant as a “conversion tool”. We can also occupy a full place in the media mix as retail media to build a brand and boost sales. Publicis Groupe has been very progressive in their role as advisor to fit retail media in a data-driven way into media mix advice.´

Bunny Bonus

The bunny still has its iconic appeal in terms of creation which was a nice bonus of the research results. As a result, Duracell knows how to invest their marketing budget in the future.

Siem Los, Marketing Manager Duracell: ‘Duracell is an iconic brand that is well known by young and old. We are constantly investigating innovative ways to strengthen our consumer-focused communication. We were able to realize a unique study in collaboration with Albert Heijn, Publicis Groupe and MeMo². We have never seen the impact of the various elements within our cross-media campaign so crystal clear in the results.’

Publicis Groupe, MeMo² and Albert Heijn Media Services will further expand the unique research design to other product categories, e-commerce and digital media channels already in 2020. Brands, retailers and platforms that are interested are given the opportunity to apply for this.


For more information, you can contact:

Deli Bom, Strategy & Commerce Consultant Publicis Groupe: 06-28444806

Joep Smeets, Director Insights & Analytics AH Media Services: 06-47072328

Coen Kempen, Research Director MeMo²: 06-16423838